Kids ring in the new year early at Lynn Meadows

Kids ring in the new year early at Lynn Meadows

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Children of all ages gathered at Lynn Meadows Saturday morning to celebrate the new year in the daylight hours

"Well, we just want to make sure that we have family fun activities for children," said Lynn Meadows Executive Director Cindy Defrances. "We know that parents like to go out and have a great New Year's Eve, so we wanted to make sure that children have a great time, too,"

The Annual Countdown to Noon event brought out hundreds of kids and parents.

"I think it's neat. I think it's a way to include the kids in a new year's party that's in the middle of the day," said Houston, Tx parent Emily Haines.

The kids got to play in the museum, and do arts and crafts for most of the morning, before gathering in the auditorium to ring in the new year. Sparkling cider toasts and little confections kept everyone occupied until the clock struck noon, and balloons fell from the ceiling.

Some of the kids weren't entirely sure what they were celebrating, but others like Katie Haines were ready to welcome 2017.

"You get to start over and you can make new goals," Katie said.

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