Top Student Is Grade "A"

She once missed all the questions on a test in the second grade. But that's only because Olivia Berry didn't follow the directions.

This year's valedictorian at Gulfport High says that particular memory is one of the rare disappointments in a remarkable education career.

This 17-year-old has made straight "A's" on all report cards from kindergarten through high school.

Olivia Berry picked up her cap and gown at Gulfport High on Friday.

"We're going to have to get some bobby pins. It's a little big right now," Berry joked as she and her friends tried on their graduation gowns.

They'll have a few more days to get those caps and gowns fitting just right.

Graduating from Gulfport High Tuesday night will be another milestone for a young lady who's managed to earn straight "A's" all through school.

"It's just a goal you set in the beginning. And you have to be focused. You can't take a week off without studying. And so it's just something that you really have to work for and decide that you want to do," Berry said.

The senior class picnic is a chance to relax and forget about things like grade point averages and upcoming college courses. Olivia and friends reminisced with her senior scrapbook.

Teachers say this straight "A" student was something special.

"We knew that Olivia would probably be valedictorian the day she started first grade."

English teacher, Susan Cooper, says this star student has always been consistent and focused.

"I would say she's the type of student that you would wish to have a classroom full of on a daily basis."

Olivia's close friends look up to her as a role model.

"Olivia is just really smart as it is. And she works hard for her grades, and she deserves it. I work hard and she just amazes me. She makes me strive for my grades," said Fallon Ramage.

If you're thinking this straight "A" student probably has little time for anything but studying, think again. Olivia Berry is not only a standout in the classroom, she is outstanding on the tennis court.

She's been in several state finals matches and will continue her tennis career in college.

But there's not much time for tennis now. She's polishing her graduation speech, and trying to figure out just how that cap and gown fits.