Pizza Maker Dreams Big

A local woman could soon be crowned the fastest pizza maker in the world. The worldwide Domino's Pizza chain has whittled down it's more than 100,000 employees in 70 countries to just 13.

Sandra Vicknair of Gulfport's RPM Domino's Pizza is among the prestigious final 13. She's training hard to shave off every precious second before the final showdown in Orlando June 14th.

"A lot of people get stressed out over it, I'm not gonna get stressed out. It's just pizza making. I make pizzas everyday. I'm just gonna have fun with it."

The competition will be stiff, but Vicknair is confident she'll make three perfect pizzas in the least time and bring home the prestigious title of "fastest pizza maker in the world."

"I'm gonna do three pizzas - a pepperoni, mushroom and cheese - in a minute. That's gonna be my goal."

Her dedicated trainer is none other than RPM's CEO Glenn Mueller. He wants the title so bad he can taste it.

On our visit, Vicknair not only reached her one minute goal, she surpassed it, making three pizzas in 58 seconds.

The winner of the title will get $5,000 from the Domino's corporation. Glenn Mueller is giving her extra incentive to the tune of $30,000 on top of that.

If Vicknair is victorious she'll be the 4th winner of this title for the RPM pizza company in the past 15 years.