Drivers travel under foggy road conditions

Drivers travel under foggy road conditions

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - For the fourth morning in a row, drivers have been hitting the roads in unusual conditions.

"It's very weird how you're just driving through it and you can't really see anything. It's very odd," said Kendall Turner.

Thick fog made it hard for drivers to see roadways Wednesday morning.

"I thought it was something burning up. It was just a fog," said Jacobi Underwood.

Underwood tackled the roads this morning with some advice from his father.

"My dad always told me you have to drive for each other, not for yourself, but you have to watch the people beside you in front of you and behind you," said Underwood.

While some may not take fog too seriously, sources say fog related accidents have occurred up in the thousands every year with hundreds of them being fatal.

"People don't slow down when they need to. Conditions like this, you don't need to be driving normal speeds when you can't see 20 feet in front of you," said Turner.

Drivers like Kevin McClendon are trying to take all measures to avoid a serious accident.

"I kept my lights on and kept my distance from drivers and made sure I watched out for others," said McClendon.

He's not alone.

"I slow down. I definitely slow down. I'm more cautious. You just to pay more attention during times like this," said Turner.

"Around the beach line, it's been very foggy. You just have to watch where you 're coming from and just slow down and be careful," said Underwood.

According to the First Alert Weather Team, fog is in the forecast for Wednesday night.

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