Donate blood this week and help save a life

Donate blood this week and help save a life

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Ask yourself this question. If the person sitting next to you needed emergency surgery, and doctors had to postpone the procedure because they didn't have access to enough blood, how would you feel? We realize that's an extreme statement. But we're trying to make a point. Rolling up your sleeves and donating blood really matters.

Certain images of 2016 are burned in our minds. After the Orlando massacre, hundreds of people lined up in the Florida heat to donate blood.  They wanted to help any way they could.  And rolling up their sleeves to donate a pint of blood was their best option. While tragedies of that magnitude, are thankfully rare, the need for blood donations never stops.  And the holiday period tends to be a busy time during which people often forget about that.

Later this week, you have an opportunity to help save a life. WLOX will host its annual holiday blood drive.  American Red Cross staff members will be at Edgewater Mall Thursday and Friday at noon, hoping you'll stop by and replenish blood supplies.

The Red Cross website says your donation helps ensure that blood is available when it is needed the most. It also notes you'll be someone's hero! In fact, it says you could help save more than one life with just a single donation.

We hope to see many of you Thursday and Friday near the south entrance to Edgewater Mall.

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