Thousands Of Dollars In Stolen Merchandise Found In Pascagoula

Pascagoula Police are filling up their storage garage with dozens of bicycles, lawn mowers, and electronic equipment. All were stolen from area homes.

Some $20,000 in merchandise was recovered from a storage unit and from a home on Lanier Avenue in Pascagoula.

"It kept them quite busy at night," Pascagoula Police Department Detective Lt. Paul Leonard says.

So far the police have arrested the home's owner Melvin Brown and Jay Finley, another man suspected of running the burglary ring. Police are still looking for Donald Tomlin.

"Mr. Tomlin and Mr. Finley would steal items around the Pascagoula-Moss Point area, take it to this third person who would then buy it from then and take it out of town somewhere," Leonard says.

Leonard says the men had been on the prowl for months, concentrating on what looks like high-dollar items.

He says some of the goods have already been identified through serial numbers and police reports, but most of it, Leonard says, will never get back to its owner.

Leonard says there's a lesson we all can learn from this.

"This is a prime example of when you buy new equipment, or even old equipment, to record the serial numbers, model numbers, item numbers on that piece of equipment. Keep it in your files at home. That way when something does come up missing, you'll have a number that we can reference back and help you locate your items when they're stolen," Leonard says.