Gift returns keep stores bustling day after Christmas

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Christmas may be officially over, but it'll be a while before the shopping season ends. Many people will be out shopping and returning unwanted gifts this week.

Roberta Dampier walked up to the counter at JC Penny with one thing on her mind. That single thought was a return or an exchange one day after a grueling holiday season.

"I had a gift for someone special, and it wasn't the proper fit," said Dampier.

She's doing what millions are expected to do the day after they find out what Santa left under the tree.

"It was a really pretty sterling silver bracelet and a necklace. It was a really nice piece. Unfortunately had to return it," said Dampier.

She's not the only one who was up early to return that unwanted present.

"I had a surprise for my son, a pair of jeans, and I'm returning them to get the correct size," said Marsha Garrett.

That's not the only reason plenty of shoppers were up early Monday. There are a lot of post-Christmas deals at JC Penney. Some Christmas decor is now 80 percent off.

"Unbelievable Christmas after sale, and every year I go there, and that's where I get my Christmas stuff," said Chris Reeves.

Reeves woke up at 5 a.m., not to return anything, but to take advantage of those deals.

"They have a great deal going on, and I got a coupon with $10 off and a future coupon for $10 off and rewards," said Reeves.

The word is spreading like wildfire.

"Well, I'm looking for gifts. I had been out shopping, so I decided to get out this morning and catch some good deals," said Dampier.

Maybe these customers can use that return credit to find something even better for a whole lot less.

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