Moss Point Residents Voice Problems With City

John Jay McMahan helps South Mississippians look and feel their best. He says the city of Moss Point needs to shape up too.

McMahan says one way to do that is to get aggressive about bringing new businesses to town.

"There's a lot of really nice and neat things about Moss Point. I think that if we had the right administration here, we could make a lot more people aware of what we have to offer here. We could start developing some markets in some areas besides industrial. Some cleaner businesses, some more environmentally friendly businesses," McMahan says.

I.D. Stewart agrees. More business means more revenue. And that's money Moss Point desperately needs.

"I think our property taxes are one of the highest on the coast and we get some of the lowest return for our tax dollar," Stewart says.

Stewart's wife Jackie says new businesses will only come if the schools are in tip-top shape.

"Something definitely needs to be done in that area. People don't want to come to Moss Point because of the school system," Jackie Stewart says.

"It's all gone, but we need to get Moss Point back." resident Betty Holloway says.

She remembers the good old days when downtown was bustling with business and things that brought people into Moss Point.

"We need a grocery store, some industries, some department stores, you know, to build the economy up, because this is sad," Holloway says.

Long time resident Daniel Holloway weighed in with a similar sentiment.

"I'd like to see Moss Point build up with grocery stores and anything that helps the city. But right now the city, to me, is kind of weak," Daniel Holloway says.

And to make the city strong again, citizens say their leaders need to be ready for a lot hard work.

"Actively, aggressively going after it and not just sitting there and waiting for it to come to you. It's not going to," McMahan says.