Bikepath In Bay St. Louis Closer To Completion

Phase two of the bike path project takes took construction crews to Dunbar Avenue. That's where a five-foot wide asphalt pathway will be built on both sides of the street, from Highway 90 to North Beach Boulevard.

Right now in many areas of Dunbar Avenue, there are no sidewalks for bikers and walkers.

"Actually, I think it's a excellent project," Bay St. Louis resident Diane Gilkerson said. "We have a lot of young mothers I see strolling up and down the streets with children. They have no place to go but in the street. I enjoy riding; a lot of elderly people walk their dogs, and the only choice they have is to be on the streets with their pets. This will let them feel free to go out and not worry about the traffic."

Diane isn't the only Bay St. Louis resident who thinks it's a good idea. Bay St. Louis resident Louann Ogkesby says the work will be a welcome addition to Dunbar Avenue.

"We need it," Ogkesby said. "There's so much cars and traffic going up and down this road, we need something to keep our kids safe."

Right now, workers are installing underground drainage pipes to accommodate the project.

"Asthetically, it will be nicer looking for a lot of the residents who've always complained about open ditches," Community Development Director "Buzz" Olsen said. "It will be a pleasing turn of events and change for the neighborhood."

Construction crews are about 50 percent complete with the 2.7 mile stretch of pathway along Beach Boulevard. Construction officials say the project is moving ahead.

"We haven't had very many complications," project superintendent Bill McLaughlin said. "It's been a very smooth and easy project, and a very enjoyable one.

Residents will be able to enjoy a walk, ride or run on the new pathway within a couple of months.