Grand Casino Gulfport Tries To Limit Pavilion Noise

The noise vibrating through Grand Casino Gulfport's pavilion came from the crew setting up an outdoor stage. The stage is now on the west end of the pavilion.

Right behind it are red curtains that once hung in the Coliseum. Frank Gann of Seahorse Productions said they'll serve a specific purpose. "They'll baffle quite a bit of the sound," he said, referring to the concert that will be on stage. "Plus there is going to be another start curtain hanging in front of them. So that should reduce the noise quite a bit."

So when Tim McGraw performs on the outdoor stage Saturday night, Grand Casino General Manager Joe Billhimer said his music shouldn't echo through nearby homes. "Absolutely," Billhimer said. "We want everyone to be happy."

When Grand Casino's pavilion hosted its first outdoor show, some Gulfport neighbors weren't happy. Because they could hear the concert, they felt like the noise was an invasion of privacy.

So Grand made three adjustments to the pavilion setup. It moved the stage, so it points toward downtown. It brought in the curtains to absorb the music. And Billhimer said, Grand bought a different sound system "that will allow more of a surround sound system, so it won't have to be pumped up just as loud."

Keith Roy hopes the music isn't muzzled too much. He heard the first concert from his yard and he liked it. But he understands why other neighbors had problems with it, and why changes had to be made. "If they do muzzle it," Roy said, "there would be less complaints from everybody."

That's what the red curtains and the other changes are supposed to provide -- less noise from the outdoor stage, and fewer complaints from Grand Casino neighbors.