Residents calling for stricter noise laws in Bay St. Louis

Residents calling for stricter noise laws in Bay St. Louis
Some Bay St. Louis residents are upset over music they say is too loud in the downtown area. (Photo source: WLOX News Now)

Some residents in Bay Saint Louis are upset over loud music being played from the bars at night and the mayor is looking to enforce some regulations that would keep the city quieter.

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Bay St. Louis resident Kathleen Johnson says she can hear music booming from nearby bars from her shop on Main Street.

"I constantly hear from neighbors, friends, and customers," she said. "But I also understand the bars point of view."

Mayor Les Fillingame says residents have called for tighter laws on noise control as nightlife becomes more popular.

"We're seeing real growth in the leisure district, and it's creating conflict with some neighbors of the entertainment district," said the mayor. "We need to come up with compromises now. We don't want to stifle growth. In fact we want to encourage it."

He says he hopes the next steps that will be taken will be to set a decibel level curfew so the music at the bars won't be so loud after a certain time each night.

"We have an antiquated ordinance now; it's discretionary and subjective," said Mayor Fillingame. "We need something clearly identified as a standard for a measurable amount of sound allowed."

And with modern technology, the mayor says measuring sound levels from certain areas will be easy.

"A cell phone can measure sound levels," explained the mayor. "In the past, it used to be an expensive piece of equipment, but now because of technology, it's something we can do right and we have to make sure it's measurable and enforceable."

Mayor Fillingame says once the acceptable decibel level is set by the the city council, anyone found to be playing their music above that would receive a citation similar to a traffic ticket.

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