Last minute holiday shoppers fill stores

Last minute holiday shoppers fill stores

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - With one full day left to grab gifts, last minute Christmas shoppers are crowding malls across the Coast to score final deals.

Several shoppers notice Edgewater Mall seems to be more packed than usual.

"I thought most people would be traveling around this time, or not procrastinating like me," said Keith Smith. "But come to find out, everybody's on the same page today."

Some shoppers say some last minute deals aren't really deals at all.

"A couple stores have had sales, but some have kind of price gauged. I think it's a little mixture of both, depending on what you're trying to get," said Smith.

Over at the Gulfport Premium Outlets, crowds like the Austin Family fill stores.

"We always wait until the last minute. We always say we aren't going to wait until the last minute, but it's the same thing every year," the family said.

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