Gulfport residents outraged after MS Power cuts trees

Gulfport residents outraged after MS Power cuts trees

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Several residents of a Gulfport neighborhood are outraged after they say Mississippi Power defaced trees that have been around for decades.

"They are a beautiful, sprawling part of the ambiance of the 2nd Street neighborhood," said Gulfport City Councilman Ricky Dombrowski

The councilman has received several calls from angry residents who are outraged about their trees being cut. Even though the trimmings may be against their wishes, Mississippi Power officials say it must be done in order to ensure resident safety.

The power company released an official statement, saying in part, "Our vegetation management program is a critical part of Mississippi Power's operations to insure reliable, safe electric service for our customers."

Loren Lohrbach's home is right across the street from one of the trees that was trimmed. He's lived there close to 40 years and says it's no big deal to him.

"I saw them cut the tree the other day and I fully understand why they did it. They need to protect the wiring and keep electricity going here. It looks a little funny right now, but when the leaves start coming back I'm sure the tree will look a lot better," said Lohrbach's.

But, that's not good enough for Dombrowski.

"I just think it's very excessive. I just don't understand why they are not consulting with the city and going through our arbors and making sure they only cut the minimum amount," said Dombrowski.

Mississippi Power also says their tree cutting program follows industry standards. Dombrowski says he will continue to press for a change in how and when Mississippi Power cuts trees.

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