Coast recruits Sugar Bowl fans

Coast recruits Sugar Bowl fans

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Sugar Bowl is a New Orleans New Year's tradition that can also mean a time to cash in for Coast businesses.

War Eagle and Boomer Sooner will be the cheers heard in the Superdome on Jan. 2 when Auburn faces Oklahoma. Linda Hornsby with the Mississippi Hotel and Lodging Association hopes a big group of those fans choose to stay and play on the Coast leading up to the game.

"These are people that otherwise would be staying in New Orleans or Slidell, but this way they get to enjoy everything the Coast has to offer," Hornsby said.

Honrsby is organizing hotel and transportation packages for Auburn and Oklahoma fans. The fans can stay in Coast hotels, eat in the restaurants, and get a bus trip to and from the game.

The last time the national championship was played in the Sugar Bowl, the buses were maxed to capacity.

"We had 15 buses completely full and we could have filled two more, but we just ran out of time," Hornsby said.

Even though New Year's game won't decide the national title, Hornsby can still use it as a recruiting tool for people looking to vacation later.

"The year that Alabama played Ohio State of course Alabama dominated the number of people we had here, but Ohio State found out about us to and that's a good thing because that's not our usual market," Hornsby said.

For more information on the hotel and transportation packages call 1-888-388-1006.

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