Animal advocate pressures Biloxi to take dog from alleged abuser

Animal advocate pressures Biloxi to take dog from alleged abuser

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's now been over a week since video surfaced that appears to show a Gulfport man beating a dog. As of now, that dog is still in the care of the alleged abuser. Sabine Ladner walked into Tuesday's Biloxi City Council meeting hoping to change that.

"There was an animal that was abused with an eyewitness. That animal has not yet, to my knowledge, been examined by a veterinarian. That animal is still in the hands of the man who beat him," said Ladner.

She spoke her mind to city leaders, pleading with them to remove the dog from the home of Billy Swaine. Councilwoman Dixie Newman said it's not that easy. Although Swaine was arrested in Biloxi, he and his dog live in Gulfport.

"We have done our part jurisdictional wise, so now it's up to Gulfport. Because the dog lives in Gulfport," Newman explained.

But Ladner believes the city of Biloxi can do more.

"Studying the Mississippi law, Mississippi statue title 97, chapter 41, section 2 clearly states all courts in the state of Mississippi may order the seizure of an animal by law enforcement agency for its care and protection," Ladner said.

"I understand how they feel," Newman said. "They feel like they should be advocates for the dog that was allegedly abused."

Ladner said she has a passion for animals, and just wants Albert the Dog to be safe.

"The dog needs to be examined by a competent veterinarian. The dog needs to be removed for its own safety and protection," said Ladner.

Swaine denies abusing the dog and said he was actually hitting the seat in the video. Animal Control examined the dog and said there was no evidence of abuse.

Swain's court date for an animal cruelty charge is set for February 6, 2017.

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