3,000 tons of asphalt being poured in East Biloxi

3,000 tons of asphalt being poured in East Biloxi
At Tuesday's Biloxi City Council meeting, Councilman Lawrence called for more crews to be put on the ground to expedite the construction process in East Biloxi. (Photo source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - In Biloxi, city leaders say the largest phase of paving is happening now on the East Biloxi road work project since the work started in 2014. City Spokesman Vincent Creel says 3,000 tons of asphalt are being poured now through Thursday.

Anthony Rokicka says he and most people he knows in East Biloxi are ready for the road construction to end.

"They should have done one route at a time," Rokicka said. "It's a bunch of garbage that the roads are tore up like they are. It's hurting people's cars, tires, so on, and so on. They should have done one, maybe two roads at a time. Not the whole area."

City leaders say these sentiments are something they're aware of, and they want to help the remainder of the work move along as quickly as possible.

"Everybody says, 'Why did they tear up all of the roads?' They made the decision to put the water lines in first, and unfortunately, they tore up every one of the roads in the project area - 55 miles of roads," Creel explained. "That is by far the biggest complaint we that we get on this project. As we move forward and go south of the tracks next year, that will not be possible."

At Tuesday's city council meeting, Ward 1 Councilman George Lawrence called for more crews to be put on the ground to expedite the construction process.

"I don't know if he don't have enough employees, or if he just don't want to pay anybody. I have no clue. But right now, this job is not going to be completed in the time they said. It's not even going to be close. All they do is extend, extend, extend," Lawrence said.

"What we're hearing from everyone is anytime we have rainfall, that it's just a mess where it's dirt. It's 55 miles of streets. Most of them are dirt at this point," Creel said.

Lawrence said residents tell him the length and mess of the project has been costly.

"Businesses are steady closing up. People that rent houses are losing all their tenants. All this is costing the city money," Lawrence stressed. "So maybe we need to add somebody to the project, or somebody help us, and get this job done."

Creel said by January, the focus of the project will move to putting asphalt on Division Street. The project currently has a completion date of June 2018.

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