Memorial Day In Jackson County

The 21-gun salute in Ocean Springs is to honor and remember, not mourn the heroes America will never forget.

"Everything we have, we take for granted because it's free. But it isn't free. Our men had to go and a lot of people had to sacrifice their lives so that we might live the way we live today," Jane Hayes, the wife of a veteran, says.

In Gautier, veterans, their families, and their friends remember those soldiers who've died in combat.

Gautier City Manager Christy Wheeler also reminded the crowd of the other heroes of 9/11.

"After 9/11, that's exactly what I think of. Not just the guys in uniform who I've always valued. I was a military dependent, my father was in the Air Force, so it's something I've always grown up around. I know they make a choice. Lots of other people don't make a choice, but they're there supporting our country," Wheeler says.

Those words left World War II veteran Larry Schumaker a bit choked up.

"It kind of brought a lot of things back to my mind, even gave me a couple of moments there were I might have had a tear or two," Schumaker says.

The Memorial Day service in Moss Point was held in honor of the four Moss Point sons killed in Vietnam.

Tommie Simmons's brother was one of those lost. For Simmons, Memorial Day doesn't just come once a year.

"Ever since that day, he's never been forgotten. So every day is memorial day," Simmons says.