Rain Can't Ruin Memorial Day Vacations

Tourists like Benita Gordon ignored the weather as they peeled their go karts out toward the track. Gordon knew the rather wet Memorial Day could have stalled her holiday plans.

"But we're not going to let it," she said. "We had too much in store for today."

The Gordon family drove to the coast from Greenville, right in the middle of Sunday's shower. The opening day of rain didn't soak anybody's enthusiasm.

"We had more than enough to do at the hotel. So we were okay," Mrs. Gordon said.

Once mother nature turned off the faucet, the Gordons' raced out and made the most of their weekend vacation.

"We had to show the old man that we could beat him racing," she laughed.

This wasn't the weather people in the tourism industry had in mind for the weekend. Nobody wanted to see rain or overcast skies, especially on a long holiday weekend.

But as one tourism executive said, the great thing about this destination is its diversity -- rainy weekends no longer have to be washouts.

Just ask Roger Johnson.

"We had a good time," the New Orleans vacationer said, as he sat on a chair and worked on his kite.

The Johnsons spent as much time as they could on the beach. They had sandcastles to build, and two kites to get into the air. Rain dampened their weekend. But it couldn't spoil the trip.

"Oh yes, it's great today, you know. Fantastic. You can't beat it," Mr. Johnson said, enjoying a beach he pretty much had to himself.

The threatening sky kept plenty of people away from the coast's outdoor attractions. But the ones who did venture outside tried to make the most of their Memorial Day getaway.

According to tourism leaders, it's much too early for local attractions to determine if Sunday's rain and an overcast Monday had a big impact on holiday business.