Military Widows Organization Fears Disbanding

The Gulf Coast chapter of an organization dedicated to helping military widows is in danger of going away.

The members of Gold Star Wives of America are women whose husbands died while serving in the military or from service connected disabilities.

Some of the group's functions are to lobby before Congress for benefits, give out scholarships, and participate in community service projects.

Members say the coast chapter has been around since the late 80s, but is struggling because of dwindling numbers.

"Now due to ill health and death, so many of our members have passed on," said Emily Crowder.

"The last meeting we had there were only four and three decided we better send in the charter. I don't want to send in the charter. We need it because we're having new widows every day on the Gulf Coast and they need us."

For more information on Gold Star Wives call 896-7170 or visit