Plummeting temperatures on Sunday

Plummeting temperatures on Sunday

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - As a powerful cold front moves through the area, rain showers won't be South Mississippi's only concern. Winds flying upwards of 20 miles per hour will play a major factor in the forecast.

Harsh, howling winds and cold air will combine to create a wind chill, or "feels like" temperature in the 30s for much of Sunday afternoon and evening.

It'll feel even colder on Monday morning thanks to a continued stiff north wind. Forecast models are suggesting Monday morning feels like temperatures in the 20s area-wide.

"Even though the feels like temperature will drop to the 20s, the actual air temperature should not fall below freezing tonight for areas south of I-10 along Mississippi's Gulf Coast," said WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams. "This means that folks south of I-10 should not have to worry about protecting pipes, pets, or plants. But, people will want to make sure they are dressed warmly in many layers tonight and early Monday."

"However, areas near I-10 will come close to a light freeze with low temperatures in the mid 30s tonight. Residents in our inland counties, Pearl River, Stone, and George, should prepare for a light freeze tonight with low temperatures there expected to fall into the lower 30s."

Temperatures are expected to become less chilly heading into Tuesday and Wednesday.

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