Local church gives out toys to children

Local church gives out toys to children

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Children across the Coast will have a great time Christmas morning, all thanks to Toys for Tots.

Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church is doing what they can to help by making their sanctuary a distribution location.

"We're just doing this for the kids, making sure that every kid has something for Christmas. Some are a little less fortunate than others and we just want to make sure that every kid has a merry Christmas," said Sgt. Aaron Willis of the United States Marine Corps.

According to Harrison County assistant coordinator Marlene Hayes, more than 1,000 toys will be given to various children.

"This year we have registered 550 children and what we were allowed to do was get about three toys per child, and that's what we did. We even had more toys than that, but who's counting," said Hayes.

The joy the children experienced has Sgt. Willis feeling like Old St. Nick.

"I feel like Santa Claus what I'm doing this because you're doing your part to make a child smile and be happy. It's a really good feeling to do something like that," said Sgt. Willis.

"It is such a beautiful feeling to know that the community has come together and supported all of the families in need. It's the God-like, Christian-like way to help each other, and that's what we did," added Hayes.

More gifts will be given out until Christmas.

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