Coast electric companies join forces to help feed the needy

Coast electric companies join forces to help feed the needy

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The holiday season can be a tough time for local soup kitchens. Hopefully that burden can be eased due to a big donation from several coast electric companies.

Singing River Electric, Coast Electric, Mississippi Power, and Cooperative Power joined forces to raise money for the organization Extra Table.

The companies started a social media campaign after Thanksgiving and promised to donate $1 for each share their video received.

After 1,700 shares, food distribution centers across the coast now have money to feed the needy, which is especially important this holiday season.

"During the holidays, we have more people come to have food with us," said Feed My Sheep Chairman Ted Riemann. "We have people that work in regular jobs come and have lunch so they can save money and then feed their family. We have a lot more veterans and elderly come during the holidays, and then the children are off of school, so we have mothers and children come, and it just increases our numbers quite a bit."

Lori Freeman, with Singing River Electric, said the company understands this need.

"We reach out, we try to reach out. Our employees have rung the bell for the Salvation Army this Christmas and donated our time in many other ways. This is just one other way that we could do it," said Freeman.

Extra Table plans to distribute the money evenly among different food distribution centers along the coast.

"This is hugely important for us at Extra Table. Extra Table depends on local support. All the money we raise stays local," said executive director Michael Dixon.

Dixon says donations to soup kitchens during the holidays are import and don't need to come from big companies.

If you'd like to donate to help feed the needy this Christmas, visit

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