Flag Ceremony Honors Fallen Heroes At All Harley Memorial Blowout

The very first biker clubs were primarily formed by World War 2 fighter pilots seeking post war excitement and adventure.

"They wanted to burn off a little steam and riding motorcycles was part of that," says Alex "Drifter" Pearson, President of the Armed Forces of America Motorcycle Club. "It gave them freedom feeling."

That's a pretty good description of the ranks that make up the clubs of today.

"Virtually every motorcycle club today has veterans in it," says Pearson.

That's why, these bikers say, upholding tradition is such an important part of the All Harley Blowout, during the Sunday Morning Flag Raising Ceremony.

"Every year we come out at the request of the Asgard Motorcycle Club to do the flag raising for the patriotism and the love of our country," says Pearson.

Their way of showing off that patriotism and love of country is as colorful as the characters who make up their spirited ranks.  It's clear with Sunday's ceremony, their dedication to upholding the American way their way, runs deep and through the generations.

"I'm real proud of him," says the Biker who calls himself Cappy. "I'm Extremely proud of him actually. He's been doing a bang up job."

Just like Cappy,  son David has followed fathers footsteps into the Navy Seabees.

"We're both in the same unit," says Cappy. "We both just spent a deployment over in Guam together. Heard nothing but good things about him. Now I need somebody to cut my grass thought."

And also like dad, David appreciates that same sense of brotherhood that he says soldiers share with their biker counterparts.

"Everybody's there for everybody, says David.  "All they try to do is help each other out. These guys over here. I love em."