Ocean Springs Mayoral Candidates May Debate

Ocean Springs voters may soon have a chance to see their city's mayoral candidates go one on one.

Democratic candidate Connie Moran on Sunday challenged Republican opponent Travis Norman to two debates for later in the week.

If those debates take place, there are two issues that are sure to come up. They are recreation and public safety.

On Sunday candidates talked about some of the other key issues in the race.

Travis Norman is used to scrutinizing documents.

The longtime engineer says if elected Ocean Springs mayor, he'll review all development projects to make sure they don't turn into flooding headaches.

"That's one thing we've got attack is the drainage problems," said Norman."Even in the new subdivisions I feel like when they built those subdivisions they should have made them do a better drainage plan than what they did. I plan to when to if I'm elected Mayor I plan to look at every plan that comes through the city."

The Ocean Springs native also says the city needs to be more cautious with its purse strings.

"Definitely we're going to have to tighten our belts and cut some corners and have to cut back in some areas," he said. "We've got to establish a budget and stick to it. We can't keep borrowing money each department or rob Peter to pay Paul."

Connie Moran's campaign platform also includes more financial accountability.

If elected, Moran says she also wants her administration to be and about listening to the voice of the people.

"I would like to have more citizen input and more open, responsible government," said Moran. "I would like additional work sessions, planning sessions for projects such as the recreation facility that are announced way ahead of time to get citizen input before these things go to the Board of Alderman for a vote."

Moran works as an economic development consultant which is something she believes Ocean Springs is in need of right now.

She wants the city to "have a more proactive business recruitment strategy by working closely with the Chamber of Commerce and the Jackson County Economic Foundation to specifically target certain kinds of business that mesh well with what we have here in Ocean Springs and not in any way undermine the unique character and charm of our city."

Whatever the issue both Moran and Norman say they're committed to preserving the history of Ocean Springs and leading the way to better future.

Travis Norman says he's not sure if he'll accept Connie Moran's debate challenge.

Norman says he'll have to talk with Republican party members first.

Both candidates have run for political office before but not successfully.