Pit bull recovering after coming to the rescue during home invasion

Pit bull recovering after coming to the rescue during home invasion
Police don't believe the incident was random. (Photo: WLOX)

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - A female pit bull is recovering from a gunshot wound after coming to her owner's rescue during a home invasion in Gautier.

The dog's owner - who does not want to be identified - says she was getting in her car on Dec. 14 when three men armed with guns approached her around 5 a.m.  At that point, the victim was hit on the head and forced inside her home on Soundview Street.

The men, who were wearing masks and glove, reportedly duct taped the victim's hands together and blindfolded her. When 2-year-old pit bull Skye heard the commotion, the dog ran downstairs to defend its owner.

Then, one of the suspects shot Skye in the mouth.

"She was growling and she still wanted to get up, but she couldn't get up," said the victim. "She couldn't move."

Sgt. Nick Crocker with the Gautier Police Department says the gunshot woke up the woman's boyfriend, and he ran downstairs. The boyfriend's 17-year-old daughter was also upstairs asleep during the incident.

Gautier resident Zachary Vaughn was shocked to learn about the invasion and shooting in what he says is a normally quiet neighborhood.

"We don't know the neighbors there. We haven't been there long, but they have some pit bulls and they have some nice older jacked up trucks in the yard that I've noticed," said Vaughn.

Meanwhile, Skye is back home and recovering.

"The bullet missed all her vital organs. However, the veterinarian is not going to take out the bullet because taking it out could do further damage or kill the dog," said Lt. Danny Patrick with the Gautier Police Department.

Nothing was taken from the home, and police are working on identifying the suspects based on evidence collected at the scene.

"We don't believe this was a random act," added Patrick.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Gautier Police at (228)-497-2486 or Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898.

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