Harley Fans Roll Into South Mississippi

Bikers from all over the world are spending the Memorial Day weekend at the Gulfport Dragway.

Despite the hot weather, many of them wear their leather all in honor of one thing - the Harley Davidson.

"They're Harleys. That's all there is. There is nothing else. What else is there?," said Don Clifford from New Hampshire.

According to the Asgard Motorcycle Club, there is much more.

"It's the whole thing of being together and riding in the same area and enjoying each other's brotherhood and camaraderie," said Asgard Motorcycle Club public relations director Smokey Stepputat.

And that camaraderie includes sharing in a multitude of activities, like barrel racing, browsing through various souvenirs ,and of course, catching a glimpse of a few biker babes.

Meet Miss Blowout 2005 Laura Mills, whose royal job is actually pretty easy.

"Basically, walk around and have a good time, 'cause basically that is what I'm doing. You get to look at all the bikes they have out here and watch the events," said Mills.

But all of this loud fun is actually for a few good causes.

Proceeds from this event support numerous local charities, including the Gulf Coast Multiple Sclerosis Society...

"Over the last 20-some odd years, about 160-thousand dollars is what they donated year after year to help M-S patients. They are the ones that make us able to help M-S patients," said Gulf Coast Multiple Sclerosis Society president Tommy Wiltz.

A good cause along with good fun- that is a formula that usually equals what we call southern hospitality.

And that generosity is making quite an impression on Dave Joy, who came to the event all the way from Boston.

"Unbelievable. Great time. People are wonderful," said Joy.

The fun continues Sunday at the Gulfport Dragway beginning at 9 a.m.

The schedule includes drag racing, a tattoo contest, and the award presentations.