Woody's Roadside nearing completion in Biloxi

Woody's Roadside nearing completion in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A new restaurant is taking shape in Biloxi, but there are many elements that might seem familiar to you.

The Woody's Roadside brand has become an Ocean Springs favorite, so much so that co-owner Jeff Glouner is planting some Woody's roots one city over in Biloxi.

When Glouner started his coast restaurant adventure five years ago, he never knew this would be in the plans.

"It just started to grow. It took off. He did really well out there. It became very popular, so we decided we'd look for another location and do it again," Glouner said.

The new eatery is nearing completion, and it's even keeping its familiar style. The owners did that by calling on the artist who started it all, Jody Barrilleaux.

Barrilleaux grew up on the coast, and painted murals in the original Woody's. Since that time, he has painted murals and other artwork all over the country.

"It's just good to be back here to show people what I've been doing all these years and traveling," said Barrilleaux. "I paid my dues with the artwork and being away from my family and traveling. I'm really excited to have some of my artwork back here on the Gulf Coast.

The owners hope to open the doors to the new location by mid-January. With the vintage coast feel coming to life in the atmosphere of this new restaurant, it may just seem like it's been here all along.

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