Church gives $1,000 check to boy recovering from dog attack

Church gives $1,000 check to boy recovering from dog attack

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A Biloxi family is receiving help from the community after a few setbacks. We've been following the recovery of Jaxon Ronsonet since he was attacked by a pit bull more than a month ago.

There's a new wave of support for Jaxon that came in the form of a monetary donation this morning.

Jaxon has been in and out of the hospital over the past month after a pit bull attack claimed his leg. Since that time, his family says a GoFundMe account dedicated to Jaxon's recovery was drained of its funds.

Now, a church is stepping in with some help. A Vancleave congregation stepped in by presenting a $1,000 check to Jaxon's mom, Tiffany Ronsonet.

"We have such an overwhelming support system now," said Ronsonet.

James Payton and the congregation at Good Hope Baptist Church can now be added to that support system. He said it's a matter of simply following an example set a long time ago.

"The Bible says do what you can. If you're not doing anything when you can, then you're not following the principle of the word," said Payton. "What would Christ do if he was here? He was always about compassion. That's what the church is about. Compassion. Being able to help someone regardless of race or background."

Payton remembered hearing the news of Jaxon defending his little brother from the dog attack. Then, there was a series of setbacks that followed, including more unplanned hospital visits.

"I look at it, if it would have been my child, I would have wanted someone to contribute to help me out as well. So, we're just doing the right thing. I don't think we'll lose out by doing what we have done," said Payton.

As for Ronsonet, she said she will be forever grateful for this kindness shown.

"It's not something that we will forget and we will definitely pay it forward one day," Ronsonet said.

According to Jaxon's family, he will be fitted for a donated prosthetic leg as soon as he is able. Right now, he's in recovery mode and going to physical therapy regularly.

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