Thousands Make Holiday Beach Plans

Harrison County's beach is often promoted as "family friendly".

"We're from Salt Lake City, Utah," said Russ Randall.

The Randall family traveled here to visit his sister and the beach.

"That's the whole reason they come out here. That's our draw. Bring them to the beach. Have a good time," said the sister, Kim Abel.

"The water is a lot warmer. And for little kids, it's good that way," Randall said.

"We love the beach. We're beach bums," said Barbara Herpst.

She and husband Merritt are full time RV'ers from Kalamazoo, Michigan.

"We love it. Absolutely love it. The first thing we saw when we came down here today were dolphins," she said.

Merritt Herpst found favorable conditions for his kite on a picture perfect beach day.

"I just love everything about the beach. The wind, the sun, the surf. It's just fantastic being here. It's so relaxing," he said.

Coast casinos may have replaced the beach as the top tourist attraction, but the beach has been drawing visitors here a lot longer. The manmade beach was finished back in 1952. That's forty years before the first casino opened.

Out of towners who visit the beach aren't always from so far away. We found a trio of teenagers from Slidell who are regulars here.

"We come all the time. Almost every other weekend. When we're not working," said the girls.

The sand beach is set for another busy summer.