Humorous Calls Light Up Tourism Phone Lines

Patricia Zdziemborski has a wealth of tourism information at her fingertips. She said her job is to help tourists, "just mostly assist them finding what they're looking for."

Zdziemborski can answer any tourism question. Well, almost any question. This call stumped her.

"I want to stay in a hotel. Where can I see the Mississippi River?" the caller asked.

Zdziemborski couldn't figure out why the Harrison County tourism office was getting a New Orleans phone call.

She's filled a notebook with dozens of similar requests, many of them rather humorous. Her favorite call is the one that gave her the title to the book she might write.

"He called up said how long is the 26 mile beach," she remembered. "And I said, 'Sir, it's 26 miles.' He said no way. I said way. And he hung up."

Some callers are looking for advice.

"I want to get married, any suggestions?" asked one caller.

A few just seem lost.

"I'm calling from Wisconsin," Zdziemborski recalled somebody saying. "And I said, 'Yes sir, how can I help you?' And he said can I please have the number for Cynthinia, Kentucky?"

Others must have no clue what a tourism receptionist can answer. Listen to what this caller asked Zdziemborski.

"How old do you have to be to join the Cub Scouts?"

Zdziemborski considers the questionable questions "just little short stories of others' lives." Stories Zdziemborski gets to enjoy while she's spreading goodwill, and vital information about the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Stories she jots down in a spiral notebook, just in case a publisher is intrigued by a day in the life of a Harrison County tourism receptionist.