18th annual Festival of Lights draws crowd to Perkinston

18th annual Festival of Lights draws crowd to Perkinston

PERKINSTON, MS (WLOX) - For nearly two decades, the lights have been shining bright on Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College's Perkinston Campus.

The 18th annual Festival of Lights drew crowds from all over to take in the family fun.

MGCCC Perksinton Vice President Ladd Taylor expects upwards of 5,000 people to take part in this year's event, which includes a lot of new events.

"It's definitely a kid friendly and kid oriented event. We had the Santa Chase, where Santa comes in flying in from the North Pole and they chased him around for a little 1K run," Taylor said, "This year we have our renovated Dees hall and on the balcony we have performances that are going to be up there, kind of a makeshift stage if you will, a lot of performances going on up there."

Just like any good festival, the food was a hit. MGCCC student Kayla Ivey gave it her seal of approval.

Several booths were set up to help raise funds for a number of groups. It's something that Taylor says helps build a sense of community.

"We have all of our student organizations at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Perk Campus represented here, using this as an opportunity to fund raise, and then we also have the Stone High Baseball team selling hamburgers. It kind of unites the community. So anybody that's in the community that wants to come here, set up a booth and raise some money for their respective organizations, they're welcome to do so," said Taylor.

Organizers hope to see this event continue to grow, in years to come.

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