Sleet reported in South Mississippi

Sleet reported in South Mississippi

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Ice pellets were reported as falling from the sky Thursday evening across parts of South Mississippi.

The first reports of sleet came in around 8:30 PM in the Gulfport area. After that, reports of light sleet became more and more numerous from residents in Hancock and Harrison counties.

WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams witnessed the light sleet as it passed over the WLOX studios in Biloxi.

"This sleet did not accumulate and should not pose a threat to travel," Williams said. "The ice pellets melted as soon as they touched any surface because our temperatures are above-freezing. And the passing shower was brief."

"On our Facebook Live video, some viewers expressed concern over the melted sleet re-freezing on roadways early Friday morning," continued Williams. "But, any melted sleet should have dried up long before that."

"Even though the sleet was brief, our viewers sure expressed a lot of excitement as it fell," said Williams. "There's nothing wrong with getting excited about frozen precipitation during the holiday season. In this part of the country, where snow is pretty rare, we'll take what we can get and will enjoy it while it lasts."

A light freeze is in the forecast for parts of the WLOX area on Friday morning and for all of the WLOX area on Saturday morning.

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