Soldier's Wife Mourns His Death On Her Birthday

As she sat on the couch in the living room of her parents' Sandy Hook home, Kitza Parker spoke of her husband, Sabe, with tears in her eyes.

"He loved his children and me. He was my soulmate, he was my best friend in the whole world."

Now Kitza and her daughters Merissa and Sheliah struggle to cope with losing Sgt. Sabe Parker.

"It's still kinda of a dream to me. It's like it's not clicking with me. I don't want to accept it and I don't want to believe it, but I know it's happening," Merissa said.

Sabe Parker was deployed in January. His family last talked to him on Saturday. Parker died Monday, 30 miles south of Baghdad.

"He was patrolling. That's what they were doing, patrolling. What I understand they were hit. It wasn't mortar, it was somebody fired upon them, so there was no chance of getting out alive," Kitza said.

Parker joined the Mississippi National Guard 16 years ago. His service included duty in Bosnia as a peacekeeper.

"This was really bothering him in Iraq. He wasn't near that bad in Bosnia, as far as being afraid, cause there wasn't too much he was afraid of. He only had one fear and that was being buried alive. I just hope and pray that he didn't see that coming in Iraq."

Parker's daughters say they'd give anything to see their dad one more time.

"He was such a great person. He was such a great hunter and a good fisherman. He taught me all I know about hunting and guns and fishing and stuff like that. He was just a good daddy, the best daddy in the world," Merissa said.

That's how the shattered family will remember Sabe Parker: husband, daddy and dedicated soldier who gave his life for his country.

Kitza Parker is living with her parents while recovering from a crushed arm and leg. Those injuries she suffered in a March 17th car accident. Sabe Parker also leaves behind a stepson. His wife says she will bury her husband in his home state of North Carolina.