155th Medic Reacts To Deaths Of Four Fellow Soldiers

Specialist Mary Muffler pointed to a picture and said "Why they got the camel in the truck, I don't know".

She shared some memories of Iraq with her 20-year-old daughter Cathy.

"Here's a bunker in case... we get bombed, mortared, or whatever."

The two week R-and-R will give Muffler time to attend Cathy's wedding, before she has to go back to Iraq.

"At least she'll have somebody to help her out while I'm gone, other than her father."

Muffler fears more for her life now, after hearing news that four members of her unit were killed this week in Iraq.

"It's rough, knowing that they're from my home state, my area. I'd rather nobody get hurt, but it's all part of war."

Muffler has seen the bloody side of war many times since she deployed to Iraq in January. As a medic with the 155th, she's usually the first to respond when soldiers are wounded in roadside attacks.

"You're scared. Then you look at them and you say, 'Okay, wait a minute. I can't be scared. I have to help these folks.'"

Muffler's job also involves searching vehicles and all Iraqi women who enter and leave the base for weapons and bombs. She brought back a picture of one of those Improvised Explosive Devices.

"We were scared, because we didn't know what to expect, because they could be detonated by cell phones, car alarms or lighters."

Muffler says each convoy explosion, and the deaths of her fellow soldiers, have taught her to be more cautious when she returns to Iraq.

"The last convoy I'll probably have is when I leave Iraq, because I'm not going anywhere. It's just to stay safe, so I can come home to family."

Mary Muffler has another skill that comes in handy in Iraq. She fixes cars. Muffler will return to Base Iskandariyah on June second. She is scheduled to serve in Iraq until January.