15 years of training has paid off for local gymnast Sarah Edwards of Lanier's gymnastics

15 years of training has paid off for local gymnast Sarah Edwards of Lanier's gymnastics

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Competing in gymnastics takes dedication and years of training to become highly successful. Sarah Edwards has spent the last 15 years developing her skills becoming a premier gymnast.

Four years ago she started training at Lanier's Gymnastics and her talents caught the eye of college coaches.

Edwards loves gymnastics.  In 2017,  the 18-year-old Ocean Springs High School senior will wear purple and gold as a member of one of the top collegiate teams in the nation...LSU.

"I love the competition, "Edwards said.  "I really do, the determination and the dedication you have to have in the sport.  It will help me prepare for life in future events.  It's a great building block in life."

At the age of three, Edwards had a passion for both dancing and gymnastics.  She finally decided to leap full speed ahead, cultivating her athletic skills into the field of gymnastics.  She made the right decision.

Edwards said, "I went to Nationals my Level 9 years.  I was actually on T.V. for it.  I placed fifth in the nation.  I've won state and regional titles ever since."

Coaches Cindy Wallace and Amanda Zeigler have watched Edwards make an impression, becoming a standout in the vault and in tumbling.

You can see why LSU wanted Edwards in purple and gold.  She's has tremendous talent in the vault, able to sky high and land perfectly on the mat.

Coach Zeigler said, "She has dedication.  She's determined. She has the physical and mental ability that it takes to be a gymnast.  It's not just one or the other.  You've got to have it all and she is the total package.  LSU does not know what they're getting."

When Amanda first started training at Lanier's Gymnastics, Zeigler says Edwards lacked confidence.  That's no longer the case.

"I think she's come a long way with that, "Zeigler said.  "I think she's finally realized how good she really is."

Edwards said, "I think college is going to be a great experience for me."

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