Teens filming zombie movie get lost in the woods

Teens filming zombie movie get lost in the woods
The teens were lost in the woods for hours. (Photo source: WLOX News)

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - Two teenagers are thankful to be back with their families, after getting lost in the woods while filming a zombie movie.

It started out as a day that was supposed to be fun and creative for Dylan White and his friend Michael McIntosh.

"First it was happiness, we got to film, and others were going to join us but they didn't because of the rain," said White.

But then it all started to go wrong. White said they lost their bearings after hiking deeper into the woods.

"We panicked, we were both scared, lost, and unsure what would happen," White noted.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Department said they stayed on the phone with the teens until they found their way.

White said, "The agent we spoke to kept us calm, he had us drop pins, listen to their air horn, and finally got us to go north, where the FBI and everyone was waiting for us."

Dylan's mother, Jennifer White, said this was the first time her son had tried to make a film. "I'm just glad they made it home and didn't end up in a worse situation."

White said he did attempt to use navigation. "But the signal was so bad because of the rain clouds, it wouldn't show us where to go.  It kept saying, 'start walking,' but maps wouldn't load."

For now, both White and his mother are thankful multiple agencies were able to pitch in to get the boys safely home.

White said D'Iberville and Harrison County Fire Departments, AMR, and the Harrison County Sheriff's Department all assisted in the search.

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