Gabrielle Spicer Turns 7 Cancer Free

A Jackson County family who stole the hearts of thousands has a lot to celebrate.

The family of Gabrielle Spicer is counting their blessings. She turned 7 on May 23rd cancer free. Her parents call it a miracle and credit doctors, a lot of prayers and the wonderful people of Ocean Springs.

Gabrielle and her big sister Alexis have a lot of fun together these days. But for the last four years, that wasn't the case.

Nine-year-old Alexis Spicer says, "Once I went into the surgery room and she was hooked all to all these medicines and cords and it was really scary."

Gabrielle Spicer says, "Sometimes I got fever and stuff like that."

When Gabrielle turned 7, the best part of that big milestone was no more cancer.

Alexis Spicer say, "I felt wonderful, like now she can do lots of stuff she didn't get to do a long time ago."

Four years ago, her parents got the dreaded news that their three-year-old was very sick.

Her Mother Sherry Spicer says, "It's really scary. We almost lost her four times. She's had a lot of blood transfusions."

Once the people of Ocean Springs found out that Police Officer Mark Spicer's child was sick, he says the support they showed was mind blowing.

"It was fabulous, we've had a lot of support from everybody," Mark Spicer said.

Mark and Sherry thank the community from the bottom of their hearts.

"Thank you. Thank you so much from the whole family," Mark said. "It's one thing you know I can't express in words."

Gabrielle had her birthday party this weekend. She understood there was a lot to celebrate. But instead of thinking of herself on her big day, she came up with a way to help others who still battle cancer.

In lieu of presents, Gabrielle asked her friends to make donations to the American Cancer Society.