Gulfport man breaks bell ringing world record

Gulfport man breaks bell ringing world record

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - After more than six days of near constant bell ringing, Gulfport's Jamie Richardson is now a world record holder.

Richardson broke the 150-hour record at 7 a.m. Sunday, surrounded by his friends and family

"My hands are sore and cold from the wet but they'll be okay," Richardson said.

"I am blown away. I really am so proud of Jamie," said William Delcuze, a family friend. "We were standing here and thinking a minute ago, you know 150 hours is almost four working weeks in America."

With only a five minute break allowed every hour, Richardson has been without sleep for nearly a week. But, it's nothing compared to the hardship he used to face. After a period of time of living on the streets, Jamie turned to the Salvation army for help.

"We got through it. We went to the Salvation Army and they became family to us," said Richardson.

Which is why it was so easy for him to agree to take on the challenge.

"The emphasis all along has never been on Jamie, though. It's on the Salvation Army and the work that the Army does," said Delcuze.

Sturdivant added, "He told me from the very first day that God's got this and so it has to be someone outside of him that's helping him."

As for what's on Richardson's agenda after his week of charity: "We're going to church this morning and then probably go home to bed," he said.

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