Holiday open house draws crowd to Biloxi

Holiday open house draws crowd to Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Handcrafted gifts - things that won't be found anywhere else - were on display at Saturday's holiday open house in Biloxi.

Vendors were set up inside and outside of the Biloxi Visitor's Center, hoping to catch the eye of shoppers still looking for the perfect gift.

Most arts and crafts vendors don't have a permanent location to set up shop, which is why events like the holiday open house are a great place to showcase their offerings.

"I love local vendors, especially if they're from Mississippi, from whatever area they're at. I like to give back, contribute to local vendors, more than I would a big chain store," said Jenna McWilliams of Jackson.

Michelle Heristius is an author of a children's book series about a voo doo doll who does good magic. She traveled from New Orleans to participate, and her books were a hit.

"It's bayou related, it's southern related, and so they're very very receptive to everything. Juju saves Christmas and she gets alligators to fly, and things like that, so they love it. It's right up their alley," said Heristius.

For vendors like Heristius, the holiday shopping season is when business thrives, so the support is helpful.

"During this time of year it's great because they're Christmas shopping," said Heristius. "They're trying to get all that, and I appreciate they're coming to shop local as well,"

Most shoppers say they aren't looking for anything specific when they get to the open house. The trip is really about finding the item that reminds them of the person they're shopping for.

"I think they're special because they're handmade. They're not commercial, reproduced. It's all individual," said Carol Ziff.

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