'Hey, Bubba': Biloxi teen welcomed home following leg amputation

'Hey, Bubba': Biloxi teen welcomed home following leg amputation

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - After spending nearly a month recovering in a New Orleans hospital following a pit bull attack, 15-year-old Jaxon Ronsonet is finally home.

He and his 5-year-old-brother Bentley were attacked by a pit bull on Shady Lane in Biloxi on Nov. 10. When the dog began attacking Bentley, Jaxon threw His little brother on top of a garbage can to save him. When he did, the dog latched down on Jaxon's leg.

Doctors found an infection in Jaxon's leg and made the decision to amputate it. But on Friday, the teen returned home in good spirits.

"I'm a little hurt, but I'm glad to be back home," said Jaxon.

Waiting to greet him was his little brother, Bentley. The teen sacrificed himself to keep the 5 year old  from getting hurt by the dog. Their mother thinks Jaxon saved Bentley's life.

"They have the strongest brotherly bond that I've ever witnessed between two siblings," said Tiffany Ronsonet.

While he was in the hospital, a gift from his brother helped keep Jaxon strong.

"This is his Curious George that he gave to me the first couple of days I was in the hospital," said Jaxon.

As Jaxon arrived home with his mother, he had a special message just for her.

"She's was by my side 24/7 and I'm very thankful for her, and I love her," said Jaxon, who will be receiving home heath care to help him continue recovering.

"He's going to be in a more familiar and comfortable environment," said Tiffany. "He'll be able to rest better since he won't have IV's and monitors alarming at all hours of the night."

Tiffany believes the power of prayer from people across the Coast is helping Jaxon.

"I would like to thank them all once again. They've all been so very kind, and their prayers have helped because we weren't expecting to be home this early," said Tiffany.

The dog responsible for attacking Jaxon was euthanized in November.

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