School Mourns Loss Of Teen Killed In Boating Accident

It was the last day of class at Gautier Middle School. But for these students, it didn't turn out to be the day they expected.

Their friend, 14-year-old Garrett Boyd, was killed in a boating accident over the weekend.

School counselor Tonya Hinson says the students are having to face the reality that Garrett won't be around this summer.

"That's just not something they are used to at that age,"Hinson says.

"You just have to offer a lot of reassurance and let them know that, 'No it's not fair, but it does happen,'" Gautier Middle School Assistant Principal Vickie Tiblier says.

Hinson and Tiblier describe the teen as a smiling face on campus.

"Garrett was a good student and had a funny sense of humor," Hinson says.

"He was kind of a comical little fella and he had a really good personality. He was very polite, nice and polite," Tiblier says.

Garrett is the fifth student in the Pascagoula/Gautier School System to die this year. Superintendent Dr. Hank Bounds says some were crime related, another was a terminal illness, and this one an accident.

He says it's just too much to deal with in just one year.

"You never completely heal. You have this deep wound and you start recovering a bit, then you are cut again. That's the way this year seems to have gone," Bounds says.

Bounds says losing any student is heart wrenching and very painful for everyone.

"We always tell students, you need to do everything you can to have as meaningful of a life while you are here because you never know and that's just reality," Bounds adds.