Coast woman determined to keep the weight off this holiday season

Coast woman determined to keep the weight off this holiday season

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The holiday season often brings extra fun, family, and food. And for many people, that means unwanted weight gain. One Gulfport woman is determined not to let that happen to her. Courtney Collier has worked hard this year to lose 50 pounds, and she's determined to keep it off through the holiday season and beyond.

Courtney heads to the gym several days a week now. It's part of a big lifestyle change that came with turning 40. After struggling with her weight for much of her life, she decided to take steps to turn her life around.

"I wanted to get in shape and look better and be healthier, and that's what inspired me to do that."

Courtney has lost 50 pounds in eight months. And she has succeeded by eating right, which includes counting calories and exercising.

"It's no longer a diet, it's just the way life is."

She works out at Bayou View Fitness about five days a week. Two of those days with a personal trainer, Patrick Bobinger.

"I'm really proud of her. She's done well.  She obviously believes she can do it. If you don't believe, it's not going to happen," Bobinger said.

And believing in herself is one reason Courtney says the holidays don't worry her. It's a lifestyle change and she's determined to stay on track.

"For Thanksgiving, I mean, I ate! But the next day I went back to my normal routine of going to the gym and eating right."

For Courtney, the gym and trainer help motivate her. But Bobinger says anyone can lose weight and keep it off, with or without a gym. It's about making the right choices when it comes to eating and staying active.

"I mean, anything to keep you moving. Go for a walk, walk the dog, go outside and play with the kids."

Courtney hopes her story will inspire others not to give up.

"I'm one of those people who never thought I could do it, but it is possible. You just have to want it bad enough."

She says it may take time to start seeing results, but if you stick with your plan, you'll see the benefits.

"I feel amazing. I have a lot more energy and I'm in a better mood.  I feel 100 percent better than I did."

And that's why she'll be back at the gym tomorrow.

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