Family evacuated after major Stone County woods fire

Family evacuated after major Stone County woods fire

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Amanda Knight and her family watched as their home in Stone County was circled by flames. Although their home was never touched, they say it was certainly a frightening experience.

"They told us that we only had 10 minutes to evacuate. My dad's being stubborn. He didn't want to go too far," said Knight.

Knight and her family were suddenly uprooted from their homes when the fires went ablaze. They said they're happy all of their material possessions were fine. However, they're concerned about the animals they had to release in order to protect them.

"It was devastating to know that my house may burn up, but my animals, most of all, I still haven't been able to see them, so I don't know where they are," said Knight.

Neighbors living in the area weren't the only ones affected by the flames engulfing more than 100 acres of land. While fire officials were battling the flames, two firefighters were injured. One was sent to the hospital.

"We had one firefighter that got hurt with some smoke inhalation, and they were transported by Stone County emergency services to Stone County Hospital," said Wiggins Fire Chief Jody Hatten.

Since then, that firefighter has been released. Knight and her family are thankful the firefighters placed their lives on the line  just to save hers and her family.

"I just want to really thank everyone today. They did a great job. The fire was all around our house, but it didn't burn our house down," said Knight

The cause of the fire is unknown, however fire officials say wind played a major factor in the flames spreading.

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