Seashore Mission feed dozens on Thanksgiving

Seashore Mission feed dozens on Thanksgiving

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Sea Shore Mission Director, Judy Longo delivered a stern, but heartfelt inspirational speech to the many homeless men who women who showed up for a warm Thanksgiving meal Thursday.

"We gather together to share a meal and to be thankful for whatever we have," said Longo.

As a sea of volunteers prepare the feast, one volunteer stood out. Timothy Cottrell once stood on the opposite side of the serving line.

"I was homeless for four years, so during those four years, I congregated and stood in the same serving line and took the same showers and got the same services that some of these individuals do today," said Cottrell.

Cottrell is now back on his feet, hoping to help those who were once in his shoes.

"Through the grace of God, I've been able to get my life back together and straight. I have a wonderful job and a wonderful home," said Cottrell.

Homeless veteran Robert Smith is hoping to someday have the same outcome.

"Most of these people here, are just down on their luck. They're not bad people at all, they just need work. It could happen to anybody. I never thought I'd see myself like this 10 years ago," said Smith.

Even though some of the men and women may be down on their luck, they certainly carry a sense of joy unseen by many. Longo hopes that she can make a difference in every life who comes through the door.

"Our goal is to end homelessness, so we're not planning on really growing in that respect," said Longo. "We're working on ending homelessness. You know, putting someone in a home before they have a job."

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