Wyoming PD tweets impaired driving warning

Wyoming PD tweets impaired driving warning

WLOX - According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, someone is injured in a drunk driving crash every two minutes.

Every day, 27 people in America die in alcohol related crashes.

While law enforcement officials across the country diligently enforce drunk driving laws with things such as road blocks, police in Wyoming, Minn. are taking a different approach: Twitter.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Wyoming Police Department tweeted a warning to their nearly 4,000 followers: "Do NOT drive drunk. I will find you. I will arrest you. I will make you listen to One Direction cover bands on the way to jail."

The serious, yet comical, tweet garnered thousands of likes and retweets.

With the day before Thanksgiving widely known as "Blackout Wednesday", Triple-A notes that there are more than 400 traffic deaths across the country on Thanksgiving weekend alone. The Mississippi State Highway Patrol, is reminding adults to get a designated driver.

"As law enforcement officers, the worst part of our job is making that knock on the door to notify a loved one that a family member is not coming home," said Captain Johnny Poulos with the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol in an interview with WLBT.

For information, statistics, and resources related to drunk driving, click here.

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