Holiday orders keep bakery business busy on Thanksgiving Eve

Holiday orders keep bakery business busy on Thanksgiving Eve

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - The turkey may be the star of the Thanksgiving table, but desserts draw just as much attention.

On Wednesday, many people dashed to their favorite bakery to pick-up goodies for their holiday meal. Italian Cream Cake, Red Velvet cookies, and festive cupcakes filled the display case at Cakes by Tina in St.Martin.

"We are very excited about trying it," said customer Lee Shivers of Ocean Springs.

Shivers will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at her house and wanted to try a specialty cake.

"We all bring things, so everybody pitches in and it makes it really nice," said Shivers.

To make sure families have the desserts they need, the employees at the bakery have been working longer hours since Monday.

"The phones have been ringing. People have been coming in, just lots of orders," said manager Jeanell Todaro.

The bakery filled orders for more than 200 pies of all varieties, along with fresh-baked bread, and Thanksgiving themed-goodies.

"Thanksgiving, it ranks up there with Valentine's Day. That's our two busiest days of the year, so it's a very, very big day for us," said Todaro.

Ashlyn Marra is in the military and will be spending her first Thanksgiving on the Coast.

"I'm getting my Iron Bowl cookies - they're Alabama, Roll Tide - and then some pies, because we're having some of the airmen students come over for Thanksgiving and I wanted them to have some home-cooked baked goods," said Marra.

Dick Houghton returned to pick up two more cakes for a friend.

"I never got a piece and so I'm sort of upset to be honest with you," Houghton said.

With their orders in hand, many families now have the right dish to complete their Thanksgiving feast.

Cakes by Tina will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, and the bakery is already taking orders for Christmas.

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