Hwy. 49 pothole blocks roadway

Hwy. 49 pothole blocks roadway
Drivers are asked to use caution every day, but especially during the holiday season. (Photo source: WLOX)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - In addition to holiday traffic, a dangerous situation opened up for drivers in downtown Gulfport on Wednesday.

Asphalt caved in on southbound Highway 49 in the turning lane to Highway 90, causing a large hole to form in the road.

Police have blocked off the area, and are cautioning drivers to be safe and be aware.

"It's always important this holiday season when you're traveling: Wear your seat belt, watch your speed, and then if you're gonna enjoy adult beverages, just make sure you plan ahead, because we're gonna have increased patrols out on the street, DUI enforcement," said Gulfport Police Department Public Information Officer, Sgt. Joshua Bromen. "Every year it seems like we have an accident involving alcohol, so we just want to encourage you to be responsible, utilize taxis, some of these ride-sharing services, and just plan ahead."

The Mississippi Department of Transportation will be patching potholes along Highway 90 until around midnight Thanksgiving day.

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