Visitors Rate South Mississippi Beaches

There were quite a few people from Louisiana out on the beach Sunday afternoon, so we told them about South Mississippi's absence from the poll, and they had quite a few opinions.

"Why didn't we make it? The water is dirty and it's just nasty and...but I can tell you some stuff that I do like about it. All right, tell me. I like the white sand, I like the sun. And the boys. I like the boys on the beach," said Brandie Bankston from Louisiana.

Now, Patricia Jubin could do without the boys, but believes a sno-ball stand would be nice. She likes South Mississippi's beaches.

"First of all it's close. It only takes us about an hour and a half to get here so we can come and leave in one day. It's just fun. It's family oriented. Our kids like it," said Jubin.

One Gulfport Seabee says he sees room for some improvement.

"The water is not too bad. I mean, the trash, it could use some cleaning up it really could," said James Bussard.

But the children we spoke with had no complaints.

"You can have jet skis and you can build sand castles," said Jessica Gregoire and Erica Jubin from Louisiana.

"It's quiet. Nice people. And plenty of room to fly kites," said Robert Gibson from Louisiana.

"I like to walk in the water and I like to play in the dirt and make a sand castle," said Aliayah Norwood.

"They put tents out so the sun won't get in your face and everything else," said Erica Norwood.

They, like many children, are pretty easy to please.

A few of the top ten beaches of America includes South Beach in Miami, Florida, the South Padre Island beaches in Texas, and Kaanapali Beach in Maui, Hawaii.