Gulfport Crowd Supports Economic Boycott Of Mississippi

Coast branches of the NAACP held a hearing Tuesday night at the Good Deeds Community Center, to get public input on what action the organization should take to protest the recent state flag vote. On April 17th, 65% of the state's residents voted to keep the flag with its Confederate battle emblem.

Residents who came to the hearing discussed several ideas in hopes of convincing state lawmakers to change the flag. One resident suggested pulling children out of schools that fly the flag. Several residents spoke in favor of supporting only African-American and minority-owned businesses. When radio personality Rip Daniels asked the crowd of about 200 people if they favor economic sanctions, just about everyone clapped to show their support.

Biloxi NAACP President James Crowell says the group thought that maybe Mississippi had changed, but from the flag vote, it didn't indicate that. Crowell says the group hopes to try to let the people of Mississippi know that the black people of this state have something to do with the economy of this state, and the money that they spend.

The residents' recommendations will be forwarded to the State NAACP meeting this weekend, and then sent to the National NAACP convention in New Orleans in July.  The national organization must give its approval before a boycott can begin.

By: Trang Pham-Bui