Fishing For A Mission

Local fishermen took to the waters Saturday for the Back Bay Mission's  Fishing Armada - an annual fundraiser that helps continue its mission of serving others.

"It's for a good cause. It helps people out. You can never help people enough. People always need help. That's what it's all about," said fisherman Anthony Perry.

And that generosity is what the mission has relied on now for years.

But it's ironic that fishermen are now helping out a mission that was started to assist them.

"Our history is one of serving the poor fisherfolk. When we started over 80 years ago, our ministry was to the Back Bay folk, and those that were working in the seafood factories and just barely scratching by," said back Bay Mission executive director Rev. Shari Prestemon.

Rev. Prestemon says in order for the less fortunate to recieve such things as food and other necessities, the mission has and will continue to rely on the community to give, which is why mission workers are so thankful for men like Dick Wilson, who is serving as weigh master at this year's event.

Wilson, who serves on the mission's advisory board, has participated in the fishing armada now for three years.

He says he gets something out of giving back to an organization that does so much for others.

"Satisfaction that you're doing something," said Wilson.

And that's how these fishermen felt as they caught pounds of red fish and red snapper.

It wasn't about who caught the biggest fish, but about fishin' for a mission.

Eleven boats of fishermen participated in Saturday's event.

This was the third year for the Back Bay Fishing Armada.